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Why Japanese BioPharma is Embracing Ireland 2

Join Darrin Morrissey, CEO of NIBRT National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Rory Mullen, Head of BioPharma IDA Ireland and James Dinniss, Plant Director Takeda Ireland and discover why Japanese BioPharma is embracing Ireland
公開済み 04/26/2023

Ireland The Next Destination for Japanese Businesses Webinar 3

Join Nobufumi Kurita, Strategy GM at Otsuka Medical Devices, Isao Kuwahara, Senior Expert Solutions Service Projects at Alps Alpine and Derek Fitzgerald from IDA Ireland and discover why Ireland is the Next Destination for Japanese businesses
公開済み 04/26/2023

Ireland Europe's MedTech Hotspot

Rachel Shelly Head of MedTech at IDA, Mark Hennessy, Site Lead at Bausch & Lomb , Ireland and James Winters, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Teleflex discuss why Ireland is Europe’s MedTech hotspot
公開済み 04/26/2023

Invest in Ireland - Japan 2019 (Japanese Subtitles)

Short video highlighting the reasons #WhyIreland for Japanese investors. This video is being promoted in Japan during the Rugby World Cup 2019.
公開済み 10/14/2019

Japanese Version - Ireland, the beating heart of Europe

アイルランド ヨーロッパの鼓動
公開済み 06/12/2019

Ireland. Right Place Right Time. Count on it

30 second video outlining key points about the benefits Ireland provides companies who locate there.
公開済み 03/29/2017

Astellas in Kerry 2016

IDA Ireland spoke with the Managing Director of Astellas about operating in Kerry.
公開済み 12/01/2016

TV Tokyo - Brexit

公開済み 10/13/2016